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Lidt om bloggen og lidt hjælp

Silke og silkeormene Gabriel, Jonas og Andreas deler i denne blog deres oplevelser på deres rejse jorden rundt.
Lidt hjælp til jer som ved lige så meget om blogs som jeg gjorde for en uge siden: Vi skriver indlæggene og I kommentarerne. I behøver ikke at logge på for at skrive kommentarer, som kan ses af alle. Både for at skrive og læse tidl. kommentarer skal I klikke på "kommentarer" under indlægget. Hvis I vil sende os mails kan det ske til Silke på Til Andreas på og til Jonas på
Jeg har oprettet en Katagori Iternary, hvor I kan laese vores overordnede rejseplaner. Jeg aendrer indlaegget efterhaanden som vi aendrer planer.

47 Aebleplukning

Quebec Posted on Sep 10, 2008 05:34:56

Bare kort: Vi har plukket aebler i dag og pakket. I morgen tidl tager vi toget fra Montreal t Toronto Herfra m Avis bil t Niagara Falls, 2 naetter har vi foer vi skal flyver fra Toronto airport, hvor Michal forhaabentlig tager i mod os. Saa natfly til Arequipa, hvor Michael har bestilt hotel m swimming pool, saa jeg har en god ide om hvor jeg kan finde ungerne loerdag dag 😉

46 spansk og ketchup

Quebec Posted on Sep 09, 2008 04:51:28

Saa har vi langt om laenge faaet vores RosettaStone sw – og computeren er
hele tiden i gang, fra tidlig morgen (Andreas) til sen aften (mig). Selv
Gabriel sidder m hoeretelfoner og siger “La nina come” … eller proever
i hvet fald. Vil I vide mere om hvad vi laver saa check demoen paa og laer en smule tyrkisk samtidigt 🙂 Det er i
oevrigt foerste gang jeg har proevet at tracke en pakke vi a UPS paa
nettet – lidt sjovt hvordan vi kunne se pakken naerme sig!

Som I maaske kan regne ud er vi igen hos Martin og nyder godt a hans
gaestfrihed. D er ikke d store saerlige vi har lavet siden vi kom her i
torsdags – slappet af, laert spansk, spillet pc (drengene, ikke mig), set
film (Martin kan ogsaa godt li Laputa, som vi koebte t ham i Quebec City),
pjattet og krammet og koebt ind. Det store var nok loerdagens aktivitet:
Ketchup making: Vi lagde ud m at koebe 20 STORE tomater, 6aebler, 6
paerer, 6 ferskner, 3 roede og tre groenne pebre … osv. foer vi koerte
hjem, rydede koekkenet og gik i gang m projektet – 6 timer senere og
halvanden film senere, stod der 6 store glas hjemmelavede ketchup paa
koekkenbordet – og vi var blevet en dejlig oplevelse rigere!

Det har vaeret hedebolge her i Quebec …ogsaa den sidste dag vi havde
bilen og vi var i Quebec City. DET er bare en dejlig by (i hvert fald den
gl del inden for muren): ringmur, gl. huse (mange af sten) hyggelige
smalle gader, gadekunstnere a la Paris, flot groent citadelle …. dejlig.
Jeg kunne sagtens ha tilbragt et par dage m at vade rundt og glo og tage
fotos …. meeen varmen og tre drenge, der var traette i benene efter at
ha leget paa verdens bedste traelegeborg dagen foer… ja saa endte vi m
at tage afsted videre mod Montreal allerede om eftermiddagen.

Her til aften var vi paa geocaching i nabolaget. D er skattejagt vhja GPS: Nogle gemmer en aeske et sted, skriver GPS dataene paa stedet paa internettet, og nogle andre drengeroeve henter dataene paa internettet og tager ud og leder efter aesken, tager en ting fra aesken og laegger en anden ting ned. Vi lagde en lille plastik soldat ned (russisk?) og tog en roed plastiknoegle som nu ligger nede i kaelderen og sover sammen m Gabriel. Og saa spiste vi kager 😉 Og saa resten af Prinsesse Mononoke – jeg ku ikk ehuske den var saa god! Jonas ratede den hurtigt t en af de fem bedste film han har set.

44 Pointes-des-Monts to Sept-Iles

Quebec Posted on Aug 27, 2008 04:13:21

The sun was shining again this morning, but still no whales in sight. Jonas and Gabriel enjoyed some more rock climbing while Andreas read and I admired the beautiful nature. To the delight of Gabriel and Jonas our luggage was transported from the lighthouse to our car in an electric golf car – they enjoyed the ride. I managed to persuade Andreas and Jonas to see the lighthouse – built in 1829, cold and wet to live in for the keeper and his family until they finally managed to persuade the government to built a proper house. Ship wreckages were common and the lighthouse had housing and food supply for the survivors! The lighthouse is no longer in operation, but tonight I think I might have seen the new one in operation 🙂

Finally taking off from our rock island, drove a few miles and stopped at a slide – Gabriel really enjoys slides and if he could choose he would stop at ALL the slides we see on our way. Bought our lunch at Tim Hortons (bagels, sandwiches etc) and found a nice spot near a rather large water fall. Now we are staying in Sept-Iles (there are 7 islands just outside the town), sea view, a star-shaped pillow that Gabriel is very fond of, and just nice interior and friendly people. Tomorrow I guess we will head some 300km to the East to Mingan …. if all the higher selves involved agree 😀

43 jumping whales Aug 25

Quebec Posted on Aug 27, 2008 04:00:37

We saw whales yesterday!! Not the blue whales I had hoped for … but we saw a humpback whale jump out of the water … twice!! I laughed and cried overwhelmed by joy and a feeling of wonder.

And later another humpback was circling around a school of krills sending up air bobbles so the krills couldnt escape. Attacking them from beneath it rouse to the surface w open mouth right in front of me! And we saw quite a few water fountains from their blowholes followed by their back arching on the descent. A few were mink whales, the rest humpbacks. And Andreas saw 4 dolphins playing along the side of the boat. He wasnt really spending much energy on whale watching, most of the time he had his nose in a book but was intelligent enough to raise his head for the jumping whale and a whale back from time to time. Jonas was the least lucky of the four of us, but he took a few pictures .. mostly of water 😉 To me the whale cruise was even more special because the theme of my life for the moment is Surrender to what is … and at the cruise I surrendered trying to know that it was not in my hands and power whether I saw a single whale back or not … and then I saw a WHOLE whale … and a whale feeding! As if God was saying: Just surrender and your life will be better than you can ever dream of.

13 different types of whales are seen off Tadoussac on the North Shore of St. Lawrence River that runs past Quebec City to somewhere around Greenland. I am improving my knowledge of the geography of Canada, but it is still quite limited. But I start slowly to get an idea of how vast the country is: We saw a movie the other day where some men should look for a crashed plane in an area â€where you can put Europe twice and still have room for Greenlandâ€. And yesterday we drove from Tadoussac to Pointes-de-Montes w the following road description: Follow route 138 2½ hour north, in the round-about go straight, follow the road another hour, turn right, go to the end of the road. Yet another idea of the vastness of the American continent I got the night before Tuna came to visit us. He lives on the west coast of US close to the border of Canada; so to me we were very close to him … we are 4000km away! but of course thats closer than the usual 10.000km 🙂

Tired from the boat ride including a trip into the Sagynac Fjord ( I dont think Ive got the spelling right), which really resembles a fjord, we headed for our favorite cafe in Tadoussac: Cafe Boheme. Their broccoli soup is excellent to all 4’s opinion … and so is the rest of the food. And they speak English (a rarity outside of Montreal) … and even though they are busy they have time for extra services and a laugh. We will stop there on our way back!

3 hours of driving in the most beautiful country … it is close to NZ in beauty … but so much bigger! Every now and then there are lakes often surrounded by trees, sometimes the ocean … oh sorry the river(!) can be seen, low mountains, rocks … and occasionally a small town and luckily a petrol station. On the way we drove behind a pace car (follow this car!) – when it pulled in we accelerated to the amazing speed of 90km/h 🙂

The roads of Canada are not in too good condition – many miles of road and strong winters. In the Northern Quebec all water is distributed by car – the tubes would freeze during winter … if they had managed to bury them in the permanently frozen ground! Especially bumpy parts of the road is occasionally marked by a sign now named Ibsen as it shows a wave structure similar to the ones Michael and his company are working w. The energy in the car differed quite a lot: In the back Gabriel and Jonas were snoring. In the front Andreas and I were giggling as if we had been drinking.

It rained and was getting darker. The kids insisted on (checking w their higher selves) that we headed for a light house where there was supposed to be rooms or at least a camp ground. We have borrowed Martins tent and sleeping mattresses just in case. We arrived: Red and white striped lighthouse on a small rock island and no one around! So I started calling Bon Soir and finally found Ann. Of course she had a room for us … and later the most delicious seafood dinner to the sound of classical music and a “knirkende†lonely window!

Today Andreas read 200 pages while Gabriel and Jonas and I ran on the rocks outside the lighthouse. For Gabriel it was a bit of a challenge but he enjoyed it immensely. I managed to convince Jonas to make a bit of math … not something he has done too much of lately. And I spent quite a long time on the deck reading .. and looking for whales, – no luck this time. At dinner we had … seafood. Andreas has for some time enjoyed more varied food – he almost has an adults taste. Jonas is still more critical to what he eats but he is much more willing to try new food and he is curious to new combinations of tastes … all thanks to Martins gentle talk on the variety of tastes the other day – thank you, Martin!

Presently, I sit writing this and emails w a pearl-decorated lamp on one side and my cup of coffee on the other side, knowing that above me three wonderful kids are sleeping and to my right a km or so away whales are swimming 🙂

41 Martin Fishing

Quebec Posted on Aug 24, 2008 04:36:23

Hvor VAR d bare dejligt at se Martin – ikke alene var det TYVE Ã¥r siden sidst … men sÃ¥ var d ogsÃ¥ bare alt d besvær m at komme frem t Toronto som endeligt var ovre! And now I better change to English … I think we both were a little shy …. both how is it possible not to have seen eachother for so many years … and actually we have had very little contact … and then the energy is just so relaxed, joyful ( I cant find the right for it )…. ?! Martin drove us all the way back to Montreal – 6-7 hours drive during the night – we arrive just before midnight – stopping onlly for gas and at Tim Hortons to get some â€fastfoodâ€: bagels w cream cheese (our NZ favorite) and good sandwiches.

The first couple of days I slept … what seems to be the most of the time. Meanwhile the boys enjoyed chess, dart, movies and the like – all four of them (Gabriel – not the dart bit).

We went camping in Duhamel some 2h drive from Ste Therese, a suburb of Montreal. Martin has his camper permanently parked there (in Duhamel) for the hunting and fishing season – it resembles a campervan. Martin taught us how to fish for bas in the nearby (read: some 30-60min drive) lakes. Andreas was a fast learner – and caught our only fish that day – very nicely prepared by Martin. The second time we went fishing, Jonas managed to stay focused enough, caught the crip of the rod and caught an eatable-sized fish! Gabriel spent many happy hours fishing w the little rod w a plastic fish as bait that Martin bought for him on the way to the camping ground. I enjoyed the fishing but the best part of it all was the scenery – a calm lake surrounded by trees, so quiet and peaceful – and all to us selves!

I am getting tired … and hopefully a blue whale will make its way to Tadoussac and our boat tomorrow – we are some 500km N of Montreal and have some 10 days more of touring along St.Lawrance river before we return to Martin – more info later. All well, but a little too hot.