Hvor VAR d bare dejligt at se Martin – ikke alene var det TYVE Ã¥r siden sidst … men sÃ¥ var d ogsÃ¥ bare alt d besvær m at komme frem t Toronto som endeligt var ovre! And now I better change to English … I think we both were a little shy …. both how is it possible not to have seen eachother for so many years … and actually we have had very little contact … and then the energy is just so relaxed, joyful ( I cant find the right for it )…. ?! Martin drove us all the way back to Montreal – 6-7 hours drive during the night – we arrive just before midnight – stopping onlly for gas and at Tim Hortons to get some â€fastfoodâ€: bagels w cream cheese (our NZ favorite) and good sandwiches.

The first couple of days I slept … what seems to be the most of the time. Meanwhile the boys enjoyed chess, dart, movies and the like – all four of them (Gabriel – not the dart bit).

We went camping in Duhamel some 2h drive from Ste Therese, a suburb of Montreal. Martin has his camper permanently parked there (in Duhamel) for the hunting and fishing season – it resembles a campervan. Martin taught us how to fish for bas in the nearby (read: some 30-60min drive) lakes. Andreas was a fast learner – and caught our only fish that day – very nicely prepared by Martin. The second time we went fishing, Jonas managed to stay focused enough, caught the crip of the rod and caught an eatable-sized fish! Gabriel spent many happy hours fishing w the little rod w a plastic fish as bait that Martin bought for him on the way to the camping ground. I enjoyed the fishing but the best part of it all was the scenery – a calm lake surrounded by trees, so quiet and peaceful – and all to us selves!

I am getting tired … and hopefully a blue whale will make its way to Tadoussac and our boat tomorrow – we are some 500km N of Montreal and have some 10 days more of touring along St.Lawrance river before we return to Martin – more info later. All well, but a little too hot.